Research shows that 88% of early years and primary education professionals have suffered musculo-skeletal pain* which they feel is work-related and up to 50% of 14 year olds have now experienced back pain.

Staff working at low heights with young children in child-focussed environments have an increased risk of pain due to the very nature of the job – often adopting awkward postures, lifting furniture and equipment, carrying resources and children.

Children's spinal health can be adversely effected by modern lifestyles and poor posture, increasing their risk of musculo-skeletal disorders.

Jolly Back, created by specialist physiotherapist Lorna Taylor helps children and staff learn, understand and achieve healthy, safer postures – bringing benefits now and for their future.

Jolly Back offers:

  • Award winning and original products which provide improved posture
    • Ergonomically designed by a specialist physiotherapist
    • Assesed by education staff to ensure genuine, practical benefits
    • Made in the UK to high quality and environmental standards
  • Back care education and training
  • Professional advice and consultancy
  • Award winning customer service

Jolly Back provides innovative, affordable and effective solutions which:

  • Improve staff comfort, continuity, morale and career longevity
  • Help to reduce staff absences and related costs and disruption
  • Improve pupil posture and concentraton

At Jolly Back we are dedicated to helping staff, children and employers be the best they can.

*Musculo-skeletal Disorders include problems such as back pain, joint injuries and repetitive strain injuries of various sorts.

Areas which can create risk include:

  • Bending and twisting - repeating an action too frequently
  • Uncomfortable working position
  • Not receiving and acting upon reports of symptoms quickly enough
  • Repetitive and heavy lifting

Adult on chair

Child on Cushion

Child on Chair