Healthy Backs

School Education Programme - For Pupils and Staff

Changing lifestyles are affecting growing spines


Up to 50% of 14 year olds have now experienced back pain. Child back pain sufferers are 4 times more likely to suffer back pain as an adult. Back pain affects up to 95% of the adult population at some point - Who do you know?


  • Limit spinal damage and absence in your school
  • Improve wellbing and achievement
  • Build firm foundations for later life

The Healthy Backs - School Education Programme enables pupils and staff to develop a clearer understanding of how and why we should all look after our backs.


  • Anatomy of the spine - understanding good and bad postures
  • School bags - design, safe loading limit, carrying and packing correctly
  • Back-friendly solutions for everyday tasks
  • Sitting correctly at school and at home
  • Lifting and carrying safely
  • Importance of a healthy lifestyle- diet and exercise


Problem solving, practical workshops (from 30-90 minutes) for pupils of all ages.

Fun, interactive and educational activities to instill learning.

Latest back-care equipment to try for each key area covered.

Individually-tailored staff workshops for advice and information updates.

Delivered by a Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapist with specialist knowledge.


Information for pupils to take home (parents' information leaflet, pen and 'points to remember' postcard).

Evidence of pupil learning - enables a 'healthy back display' at school.

A Post-workshop Competition with FREE prizes.

Resource Files for pupils and staff (ideas for follow-up work and practical information to keep backs healthy).

Complimentary staff workshop - individually-tailored to your needs.


"A fresh approach to tackling back pain" - School Nurse

"The Workshop made all of us t hink about back-friendly practice" - Year 12 Teacher

"Children really engaged" - Year 1 Teacher

"Opportunities to discuss and practice 'good and bad' postures in everyday situations" - School Governor

" A great initiative - we look forward to your next visit" - Year 5 Teacher

"I liked the model spine. I will keep mine a healthy 'S', not a 'C'" - Year 5 Pupil

"I enjoyed it, especially weighing our school bags" - Year 7 Pupil

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WHAT NEXT? For further information please contact:

LORNA TAYLOR BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Dip, IIST, MCSP, SRP, HPC on 0115 7140055 or

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