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Max2 Chair

The Max2 chair offers a superb, ergonomically designed and affordable chair for students of all ages. Its innovative non-tip back design and exceptional lower back support help ensure better quality learning by increasing focus and concentration through improved posture, the reduction of fidgeting and improved pupil safety.  Available in a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke colour choices, with the added benefit of inter-changeable seat and leg colour options, the Max 2 really does help create an inspiring, safe and healthy learning environment.

  • Max2 Chair

    Max2 Chair

    Colour Collection
  • Max2 Chair

    Max2 Chair

    Violet Purple
  • Max2 Chair

    Max2 Chair

    Storm Grey
  • Max2 Chair

    Max2 Chair

    Royal Blue
  • Max2 Chair

    Max2 Chair

    Bespoke Colours


  • Comfortable lower back support to encourage natural upright posture for children’s growing spines
  • Shaped front seat design enables students to move their hips into a healthy position, prevents uncomfortable pressure on the back of thighs and allows better lower limb circulation
  • 3 back rest ventilation holes to assist optimum body working temperature
  • Anti-tip back design to help prevent students rocking backwards and falling off their chairs
  • Improves classroom safety and limits distraction and disruption to learning.
  • Incredibly lightweight to assist ease of movement by pupils and staff
  • Stackable (8 chairs)
  • Contemporary and robust design - made by the London 2012 statium seating manufacturer
  • Conforms to School Furniture British and European Standard BSEN1729 (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors
  • Developed by experienced and passionate teacher, Tom Wates who believes educational environments should be inspiring, engaging, healthy and safe.

Download our Max2 Chair PDF information leaflet or for further information, tips and useful videos see 

Read this Chartered Society of Physiotherapy article about the Max2 chair.


  • Available in two sizes: Size 5 (seat height 430mm) typically for 11-14 year olds and Size 6 (seat height 460mm) typically for 15-18 year olds. (Note: Assuming that the entire range of 11-18 year olds use their schools' classrooms equally, it is recommended that one third of chairs are Size 5 and two thirds are Size 6)
  • 6 Standard Colours: Storm Grey, Violet Purple, Royal Blue, Charcoal, Citrus Orange and Kiwi Green
  • Standard colours with Charcoal legs delivered within 7-10 days
  • Standard colours with same colour leg option delivered within 7-10 days
  • Bespoke colours available – with individually tailored seat and leg combinations (subject to minimum order of approx 300, please get in touch)
  • 10 year warranty – high quality and very durable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured in the UK


For Max II standard colours with a choice of Charcoal or same leg colour:


Quantity Price
1-30 £27 (plus £35 UK mainland delivery)
31-200 £26 (delivery included)
200+ £25 (delivery included)

Prices exclude vat

How to Order

Orders can be accepted via our order form, email or purchase order.


  • Choose your chair size – Size 5 or Size 6
  • Choose your seat colour from either Storm Grey, Violet Purple, Royal Blue, Charcoal, Citrus Orange or Kiwi Green
  • Choose your chair leg colour from either Charcoal or same seat colour
  • A mix of sizes and colours are welcomed

Please do get in touch on 0115 7140055 or to discuss bespoke colour options or if you need any help.

  • Coloured Leg Collection

    Coloured Leg Collection

  • Citrus Orange
Orange Leg

    Citrus Orange Orange Leg

  • Kiwi Green
Green Leg

    Kiwi Green Green Leg

  • Grey Leg Collection

    Grey Leg Collection

  • Storm Grey Charcoal Leg

    Storm Grey Charcoal Leg

  • Violet Purple Charcoal Leg

    Violet Purple Charcoal Leg

  • Royal Blue Charcoal Leg

    Royal Blue Charcoal Leg

  • Charcoal Charcoal Leg

    Charcoal Charcoal Leg