PosturePad™ Junior

The Jolly Back PosturePad Junior is an innovative multi-function wedge which assists child development, provides comfort and improves posture. Its use “grows” with each child’s stage of development from 3 months to 11 years.


For babies from 3 months:

  • Makes essential “tummy time” fun! See benefits of tummy time below.
  • Reduces the effects of reflux
  • Enables a change of lying position
  • Encourages sitting balance
  • Promotes natural spine posture
  • Ideal for use at home, nursery and pre-school

For toddlers who can independently sit - from 12 months approx:

  • Improves upright posture and comfort when sitting on the floor (inside and out!)
  • Supports extended tummy lying
  • Promotes natural spine posture
  • Ideal for use at home, nursery and pre-school

For children over 6 years who can sit independently on the floor and on a chair:

  • Improves upright posture and comfort when sitting on the floor (inside and out!)
  • Encourages healthy sitting on a chair when used in accordance with the user safety instructions
  • Promotes natural spine posture
  • Can be used in and around school and home

Please refer to user instructions before use.


  • Measures 28cm x 28 cm - fits on most school chairs and in a standard book bag
  • Lightweight and portable – can be used at school, nursery and at home
  • One size fits all – can be used by children of different ages and development stages
  • Stackable – for easy storage, make great building blocks too!
  • Water resistant and breathable – can be used outdoors - hardwearing
  • 3 fabric colours available
  • Removable machine washable cover
  • Non-slip mat included
  • Meets fire safety standards
  • Delivery within 3 weeks

Price (including delivery)

Single £29.95 (£24.96 excluding VAT)

Pack of 10 (assorted or single colour) £198.00 (£165.00 excluding VAT)

The PosturePad Junior Colour Options

PosturePad Junior Colour Options

How to Buy

Please download and complete the PDF Order Form and return by email or post. Or for small quantities you may use the Paypal button if preferred. You don't need a Paypal Account - just use your credit card.

Price: £29.95 including VAT and delivery to UK mainland.

Benefits of "Tummy Time"?

Placing babies on their tummies to play everyday (when awake, content and supervised) helps their development in a number of ways:

  • Helps improve ability to hold head up
  • Builds strength in upper body and shoulders
  • Helps develop normal curves of the spine
  • Begins to develop co-ordination and balance skills
  • Helps baby learn about their body by taking weight through their arms
  • Encourages baby to begin to explore surroundings and open their hands for toys
  • Essential to help baby learn how to roll over or push up into a crawling position
  • Takes the weight off the back of the head to help avoid developing a flat head
  • Encourages symmetrical neck and back muscle development to reduce a head preference to one side (wryneck or torticolis).

REMEMBER: babies must be placed on their back to sleep. BACK TO SLEEP, TUMMY TO PLAY!

Please note: If your baby is over 4 months (corrected for prematurity) and not managing to lift his/her head very well, or arches very strongly backwards and has difficulty brining their arms forwards when settled; has a head preference to one side or altered head-shape, you may need specialist advice. You should discuss this with your GP or Health Visitor.

Infant lyting on posturepad junior

Children sat on grass

Low height working

Kids at a desk