An Essential Guide to Manual Handling, Back and Voice Care for Education and Childcare ProfessionalsBackchat DVD Cover

Research shows there is a higher incidence of back and voice strain in education and childcare professionals than in that of the general population. The nature of working with children and young people puts adults at continuous risk of cumulative strain injury.

There are a growing number of primary aged children experiencing back pain. To help address this, the resource includes ideas and information to improve back health, well-being and potential learning outcomes for your pupils.

BackChat™ has been created for education and childcare professionals by a Chartered Physiotherapist (Lorna Taylor) and voice specialists at Tempervox. It is the only resource available which offers essential information and practical solutions to the often overlooked areas of professional practice - lifting and handling, back and voice care.

Back and voice health are inextricably linked and are both highly dependent on good posture. Achieving and maintaining good posture when working in child-focused environments presents a significant challenge...

BackChat™ Training Resource Contents:

6 stand-alone DVD sections:

  • Section 1 - Introduction (2:45)
  • Section 2 - The Importance of Healthy Posture (5:00)
  • Section 3 - Principles of Healthy Posture (9:00)
  • Section 4 - Manual Handling (including TILE Risk Assessment) (13:30)
  • Section 5 - Voice Protection and Healthcare (12:00)
  • Section 6 - Workplace Ergonomics and Application (18:45)

Self-Assessment Exercise

Downloadable Certificate to evidence CPD

"Points to Remember" A3 display poster

An essential guide to Manual Handling, Back and Voice Care for Education Professionals

"Before the training, I had no idea that back and voice strain are related! Now I know how to prevent both..." Tom Hampson, NQT

"Fantastic graphics and practical information, really helped me understand and believe the importance and benefits of healthy posture and safer manula handling" Claire Wates, Yr 4 Teacher

"Staff are the most important resource I have. BackChat is an effective, cost-effective resource which covers essential, specific well-being information for my staff." Matt Crawford, Head Teacher

"Superb resource, helps meet our legal requirements, great for our CPD and benefits our children too" Debbie Lamb, Pre-School Manager

BackChat™ aims to:

  • Improve staff health, well-being, productivity and safety
  • Reduce long and short-term injuries and absence
  • Offer employer's assistance in meeting legal requirements.
  • Provide benefit for children and young people.

BackChat™ learning objectives:

  1. To gain an understanding of the importance and implications of ergonomics, back and voice care when working in child-sized environments.
  2. To gain a broader understanding of the key risk factors affecting staff and pupils within schools and early years settings.
  3. To have an awareness of the importance of healthy posture and how to apply it.
  4. To gain an understanding of injury prevention methods available.
  5. To be able to apply practical, workable back and voice care solutions within school, nursery and childcare settings.
  6. Be aware of the importance of reporting injury and prevention.

DVD running time: 60 mins

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