Testimonials from Customers/Schools


Clifton High School

The chairs are now being put to good use and the staff love them – see attached photo for evidence!! Many thanks for your help.

Mrs Emma Hill








The British School of Amsterdam

The chairs arrived on Wednesday - thank you!

We trialled the jolly back chair in October last year after staff complaints of lower back pain often associated with working at low level furniture. The staff were really impressed with how comfortable the chair was and how it immediately corrected their posture making sitting more comfortable. We took delivery of 25 chairs this week so hope that lower back pain will no longer be a complaint.

Claudia van de Laar-Newson


Great Wood Primary School

I have been using the Jolly Back chair since I returned to the classroom from a fairly lengthy absence due to pelvis and back problems. It was recommended by the Occupational Health. I don't know how I managed without it!  It is extremely useful for working with groups of children around a low table; the wheels mean you can move around and help children without leaning over the table or constantly standing up and sitting down.  The chair has meant that I can work all day with small children without inflaming my back condition. My teaching assistant also uses one and loves it!  My colleague in Year one has just got a Jolly Back chair after trying ours out, and we plan to get one for all KS1 staff. I highly recommend this chair to everyone who visits my classroom, it makes a massive difference to my working life.

Jo Young


International School of Aberdeen

As the school’s Health & Safety Officer, I was responsible for ordering and assigning these chairs to our Elementary School staff members.

I would thoroughly recommend the chairs to other schools.

The selection and ordering process was simple and efficient, and the website very informative.

All the staff who have been given a chair have reported back to me that they find them very comfortable and have definitely improved their posture.

The chairs are of good quality and I hope to order more in the near future.

Debbie Strachan


English Martyrs’ Catholic Voluntary Academy

At English Martyrs' Catholic Voluntary Academy, we are delighted with our Jolly Back chairs, utilised within our Reception classrooms.

With health and well-being in mind, our purchase has enabled the teaching staff to eliminate risk of injury through constant bending, kneeling down and sat crouched at low level children's chairs and tables.

Our Jolly Back chairs provide proper back support, promote better posture, are incredibly comfortable, and are light and easy to manoeuvre round busy classrooms.

Its ingenious wheel base allows you to navigate your chair to a new position without the need to twist and turn the body.

I would not hesitate recommending this product to all adults working within a young person's setting.
A fabulous and innovative product.

Catherine Taylor


Julie Harness

I have had one of your Jolly Back chairs while I was the teacher in the nursery class. I was thinking about getting one for quite a while to help my aching back , but never quite got round to it.

In August 2012 I broke my ankle while on holiday in Canada. I was in plaster and off work for a while and returned initially part time after half term in October. I found it very hard to sit down on the children's low small chairs and especially to push myself back off them, as I did not have the flexibility in the ankle to do that easily. Luckily my Head teacher suggested we finally buy one and I must say it helped enormously and I was able to get in and out of the chair with relative ease.

I am now in reception class since September 2013, but have moved the chair into the class with me. The width at the base and back support are so comfortable compared to sitting on the children's chairs and I am very pleased with it. My colleague who is in nursery and the parallel reception classes have both ordered one, as they are envious of mine!!

The children in my class want to use it as well, but know they are not allowed to do so. The fact it is on wheels makes it so easy to move around.

Julie Harness


Claire Hayward

Thank you very much for our Jolly Back chair. Mel, our staff member finds it very comfortable.

Many thanks again, it's lovely to place an order with a small personal business.

Claire Hayward - Buryfields, Hants


Newnham Infant and Nursery School, Middlesex

The Jolly Back chair is so good for the H&S of staff. I've 'interviewed' the three people who used the first chairs we received, they said:

"comfortable, easier to sit on and better support"

"I've found my 'core' muscle!; It's helped my posture and is easy to move around.  I use it all the time."

"Perfect sizing for sitting at the lower tables in Year 1.  Very pleased."

The Head teacher has said she will be telling her colleagues about the chairs.

Jo Palmer


Hilary Marson

I tried a Jolly Back chair at the Education Show and felt the pain go instantly .Just to let you know that the chair has arrived and is amazing!

Thank you so much for your attention and for designing such a wonderful piece of furniture!

Hilary Marson


Sarah Seenan

Working as an Early Years teacher, using low level tables and chairs makes sitting with good posture extremely difficult. My Physio advised me to look at Jolly Back chairs. After ordering one I have found the problems I was experiencing with my back and shoulder have greatly improved. The design is comfortable and the wheels enable movement without having to get up and down from the chair. I would recommend the Jolly back products to other teachers!"

Sarah Seenan


Kuwait English School

Success, I have tested the chair out and have just completed my first week back at work. What a big improvement in my posture, I can now sit correctly and have had no increased pain (I still have slight pain in my bottom anyway). I wouldn't have been able to go back to work without the chair as I think it was definitely sitting on the children's chairs that contributed to the herniated disc.

Other staff members have tried it out and want one! By mistake I sat on one of the children's chairs today, but soon jumped up! It felt so low. I can't believe I sat on one for 4 years!

I wish you the best of luck, teachers and children really need your products. Many thanks again for all your help.

Lisa Alabbasi Teaching Assistant 


Nunney First School

Since using our Jolly Back chairs, all staff report the benefits of the correct support for their backs throughout the day, in terms of feeling comfortable sitting alongside children at the correct position and in their levels of tiredness at the end of the day.

This term, we are running a pilot study for Lorna with our current reception children using the 'Jolly Back' seating wedges. Their teacher is already reporting the benefits for teaching and learning, of the children sitting comfortably on the carpet and at their tables, improved concentration and pencil hold for early writing skills.

Throughout the time that I have been working with Lorna, her friendly and supportive approach to ordering and trialling her products has been a real asset in the smooth introduction of 'Jolly Back' seating into our school.

Linda Howlett (Head Teacher)


Abbots’s Hill School

Unfortunately a couple of members of staff suffer with back pain here. The Jolly Back chairs are for two members of staff in the Nursery. Working on low chairs and at low desks all the time results in a sore back, knees, hips, ankles and feet as I’m sure you well know. Your chairs do alleviate some of these pains and aches but unfortunately not all. 

Mrs Sarah Burden


Sowerby Primary School

The staff are finding the chairs great, they were a welcomed addition to the classroom. Thank you

Sue Capel - School Business Manager


Copthorne Pre-Prep Office

Further to our recent order with you, our staff have been delighted with the chairs and we would like to order 2 more!

Bethany Bateup


Nina Langan

Over the years, I have always suffered from usual back ache associated with using low levelled tables. A recent move to EYFS crippled me. I had two weeks of severe pain, unable to walk and dress myself. After trying to sit on office chairs designed for higher levelled furniture, I decided to look out for specialist back chairs at the Education show. It was here where I met lovely Lorna, owner of Jolly Back and 'the chair'. I sat on a demonstration model and I knew I had found my chair, the instant relief was there, I sat straight. I ordered one and was very excited when it came, immediately sitting down next to a low levelled table. I wheeled it under and hallelujah I knew the Jolly Back chair was perfect and certainly made my back jolly again!

Thanks Jolly Back

Nina Langan - Reception teacher


Helen Lee

Love, love, love the chair! Thank you

Helen Lee


V Moult

I used to suffer with day-to-day problems that all staff seem to have, such as pain in the shoulders and back. However, since our school has invested in the Jolly Back chairs, it’s 100% better”

V. Moult - Reception teacher


Larklands Infant and Nursery School

It’s important to create a culture where staff feel valued and able to say that they have an injury and need something to help and support them at work. It’s not that they can’t do the job; it’s about having the tools there to support them in doing the job. People are a lot more expensive to replace than chairs!

Helen Smith


Smalley Pre-School

Truly fantastic, such a simple, practical design, an obvious solution.

Debbie Lamb


Bedford Drive Admin Team

Our Jolly Back chair has arrived and the teacher is delighted. Thank you.




I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant good service and the accuracy of your deliveries. The recent new line we took from you was in on time and without issues. Your communication is always friendly and reliable, an all-round excellent supplier.

Helen Reale (Buyer at TTS)


Cardinus Risk Management

In 2013 Cardinus decided to embark on a Corporate Social Responsibility programme and worked to find a Paediatric Physiotherapist who shared our values and beliefs.

After finding Lorna Taylor we could not have been happier.  None of our suppliers have demonstrated such a commitment to our success as Lorna. She has challenged our plans and as well as provided new ideas. She has never missed a deadline and, in many cases, has over-delivered resulting in much less pressure in Cardinus.

Having launched our new product I, along with my project team, can honestly state that we could not have done it without Lorna Taylor.

Jon Abbott - Director, Ergonomics & Safety

Voice The Union

I have worked with Lorna on several projects over recent years, including a survey into back problems amongst early years and primary teaching professionals (www.voicetheunion.org.uk/backs) and various articles, giving practical advice on back care, for our members’ magazine, Your Voice, and blog (http://blog.voicetheunion.org.uk/?tag=backs) .

She has also delivered presentations at a number of Voice training events and exhibitions.

I have always been impressed by Lorna’s enthusiasm, kindness and specialist knowledge, and by her dedication and commitment to the well-being of both education professionals and children. She has a genuine desire to make a difference - to protect adults and children from a serious problem and to campaign to raise awareness of an issue that is all too often under-reported or ignored by those in authority.

Richard Fraser – Communications Officer/Editor


Juliet Robertson

Creative STAR Learning Company (Registration No. 376724)

Thank you very much for the Posture Pads which arrived several weeks ago. I was delighted to find out about them as I am an education consultant with a specialism in learning outside.

This is the first time I’ve come across a portable sit-upon like this which is suitable for outdoor use. Since then, I’ve used them extensively. I also work part-time in a school with children who have additional support needs and the children prefer the Posture Pad to other portable sit-upon seats we take outside.

It can’t be to do with colour since all the seats are red! In particular there is one child who can get very tired and needs to sit down a lot. I think the Posture Pad provides insulation as well as support! I know this isn’t something you advertise but it does make a difference during the cold Scottish winters. What this means is that being outside is a more comfortable experience for children using the Posture Pads.

This translates into better focus on work outside and therefore has a knock-on effect on what they learn. In a personal capacity, I use the adult Posture Pad as a cushion on my office chair as well as outside. It is incredibly comfortable and does indeed provide a better level of support. I do not suffer back problems but can feel the benefits.

As someone who has had back pain when younger, it’s something I’m determined to avoid as I was unable to work for a while. I wish you every success with your new business and hopefully others will recognise the cleverness of this product.

Jolly Back Chair Review by Kirsteen Chalcraft ; Paediatric Physiotherapist working within an SEN school (Jolly Back chair supplied for review by Osmond Ergonomics)

Traditionally, adults working in educational and other childcare settings either do so from an adult sized chair, bending down to be at the child’s level or sit on a very low chair, neither of which is particularly comfortable and both methods carry a risk of the adult developing back pain.

The Jolly Back chair has been designed by a Physiotherapist specialising both in paediatrics and back pain prevention with the aim of overcoming these problems by incorporating a back support and wedge seat cushion on a low level chair, allowing a greater angle between the user’s thigh and their body.

The chair is available in three heights relevant to the height of the adult and the age range of the children they are working with, is covered in waterproof and breathable fabric with an option of five different colours, it includes castors for easy movement and brakes on the front for safety.

A Nursery catering for children both with and without special needs, based in a special school that also has a physiotherapy department seemed an ideal place to test this product and a medium size chair in crimson red was supplied by Osmond Ergonomics for review, it arrived well packaged and with simple instructions.

The initial perception was of a piece of equipment that is modern, attractive to look at and very light and easy to move and as the only adjustment necessary was the height of the back rest, it is also easy to set up.

The chair was used by adults ranging from 5’4’’ to 5’9’’and it was considered comfortable to sit on.

All the Nursery staff enjoyed using the chair and found it helpful as a tool for working with small children, while in the physiotherapy department we found it particularly beneficial during treatment sessions with individual children where we were working on their standing balance and facilitating walking as the chair glides easily in all directions over a smooth floor surface.

Having thoroughly evaluated this product, I would have no hesitation in highly recommending the Jolly Back Chair for use in any setting where an adult is required to be at a low working level. Also, the fact that it is small, light and easily portable and easy to store in a small space means that it would be equally of use to community therapists who need to carry their equipment in a car.

National Back Exchange Jolly Back Chair Product Review

Dowload the full review


Sue Mousley - Borrow Wood Infant and Nursery School

I am a Reception teacher at Borrow Wood Infant and Nursery School. Jolly Back chairs have recently been purchased for our school. My own back is definitely jollier after a term sitting on mine!

The chairs are easy to negotiate around busy classrooms, no fiddly bits to trap inquisitive fingers and fit under the lowest tables (I am 5'8" and 11st). I no longer feel as if I should hang from a door frame at the end of the day to stretch my contorted and aching lower back! The ultimate test of three hour parent evenings? Passed without a twinge.

All budgets are tight, I know ours is, but we at Borrow Wood are grateful to our Head for promoting staff wellbeing and for taking a chance with these chairs.

Having purchased your own chairs, I am sure that you too will be passing on positive feedback to others.

Oh and a handy tip! We bought the different sizes in different colours. In this way new and supply staff can instantly access the most suitable chair.

Jo Palmer - Newnham Infant and Nursery School, Middlesex

I'm delighted that you've received acknowledgement for your product, which is so good for the H&S of staff.  I've 'interviewed' the three people who used the first chairs we received, they said:

"comfortable, easier to sit on and better support"

"I've found my 'core' muscle!  It's helped my posture and is easy to move around.  I use it all the time."

"Perfect sizing for sitting at the lower tables in Year 1.Very pleased."

The Headteacher has said she will be telling her colleagues about the chairs.

All the very best.

Louise Bates - Derby City Healthy Schools Programme Manager

Having worked in Education for over 12 years and suffered from lower back pain myself I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of looking after teachers backs. From constantly bending down to talk to children, leaning over desks, shifting desks and sitting on small chairs.

Teachers backs are really being put through their paces. The worst of it is teachers seem to think this is acceptable and almost a part of their job!

Having worked with Lorna for several years now, schools have found her an invaluable resource and teachers have been given permission to seek help for their lower back pain rather than accepting it as ‘part of the job!’

As a Healthy Schools Manager we advocate better health and wellbeing not only for children and young people but for all staff in school as well. By using the Jolly Back chair you should reduce staff absence and increase staff wellbeing.